B. 1981, lives and works in Tel Aviv / Berlin 
Graduated with honors from Minshar School of Art (2007-2011) and the Postgraduate Fine Art Program at Hamidrasha, Faculty of the Arts, Beit Berl College (2017-2019)
Artist Statement
My works are often an attempt to stage instances of marginal events or representations of human wretchedness at its most exposed. They are composed of fragmented self-portraits, imagined or real landscapes and diverse figures, whose juxtaposition renders present the rupture at the heart of humanity. 
With each and every work, I strive to immortalize a temporary atmosphere, originating in larger contexts. 
There is an interplay between digital and physical elements in my work. my surroundings, both virtual and physical, serve as a playground and constant source of inspiration and images. The result obtained is influenced by the blurring of the lines between the private and public spheres and between mediums and temporalities, consequently, drawing attention to the existential fissure at the heart of human existence.
Stemming from a sense of anxiety and powerlessness, the images reflect notions of resistance vis-à-vis passivity or about passivity as a form of resistance. Making visible my own flaws as well as those I observe around me, they transpire between loss and gain, between self-sacrifice and self-effacement.
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